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Ryan Breslow

Founder & President

Ryan Breslow is a Miami native and the founder and CEO of Bolt, the technology company that is democratizing commerce by bringing lightning-fast, one-click checkout to the world.

Ryan believes that culture is the next frontier for innovation. Together with Bolt, he launched the Conscious Culture movement in 2021 to open-source all of Bolt’s cultural guidelines with the rest of the internet, inspiring other companies to bridge humanity with execution in the workplace. 

Outside of Bolt, Ryan is a shuffler dancer and an advocate for mindfulness.  Ryan started The Movement in hopes of bringing dance to those who may not otherwise engage with dance and the arts because of financial constraints.


Eddy Rosales Chavez

Founding Head of Operations


Eddy Rosales Chavez grew up in the Midwest before attending Stanford University, where he focused his studies on social equity issues ranging from migration to climate change.


After college, Eddy helped grow an early-stage geopolitical consulting startup through a variety of roles and areas of expertise. 


Having grown up in a low-income immigrant family, Eddy is personally committed to helping increase access and opportunities for underserved communities, a mission perfectly aligned with The Movement. 


Felicia Amon

Program Manager

Felicia Amon is originally from Austria but grew up in Central Florida before attending The University of Miami, where she focused her studies on marketing and foreign language. After college, Felicia worked in various different marketing and social media roles, and is excited to be bringing those marketing & organizational skills to The Movement. Felicia is excited to help unite the world through dance, as she recognizes the amazing impact that movement can have on mental health, which she is a dedicated advocate for.