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Healing the world through dance.

Our Ethos

Dance is one of the few things that is found in every culture across all of human history.  Whether done for ceremony, hobby, bonding, or fitness, dance is in our blood. Dance is what makes us human.

The Movement deeply believes that getting back in touch with dance is the answer to many of our most pressing challenges. Dance is healing. Dance is medicine. Dance is humanity.



Get to Know Us

The Movement has a simple mission: unite the world through dance. Since 2021, we've brought free and accessible dance classes and programing to thousands.


Through community classes for the public and partnerships with dozens of other nonprofits, The Movement has opened the doors to the world of dance and its mental health benefits to those who need it most. In 2023, The Movement is headed international to bring dance access to youth in the Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement. 

Help us grow and bring The Movement to new communities by donating today.

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